Techniques of Stump Removal

There is an urgent need for space for construction and farming purpose, and therefore, many people are clearing land to acquire the space. In the process of clearing land, you will have to fell trees and remove stumps. It is easy to cut down a tree than to remove a stump. You can fell a tree by cutting it down which does not take a lot of time while stump removal requires tactics and dedications which may take quite some time.

No one needs a stump after the tree is fell and it only covers space which could have been useful in other development projects. To make your compound look beautiful, you will not need any stump because they are an eyesore. Additionally, stumps can cause injuries to children when playing because they are usually covered with foliage. The process of stump removal needs a lot of techniques which can only found with professionals. However here are some techniques which professionals use to remove tree stumps.

Hand removal – Hand removal of a stump is not easy, and it can be used in small tree stumps. You require an axe, digging bar, pick mattock, chainsaw, vehicle and chain to remove the stump. The right tools will make the work easy and you will eliminate the stump within no time. Roots penetrate deeply into the soil, and this makes stump removal quite cumbersome. You will have to cut all the roots that give support to the stump and axe, or a chainsaw will help in this part. Use a pick mattock and digging bar to remove the soil and expose the roots for cutting. It is easy to remove the stump so long as it is free from the roots. The vehicle plays the role of pulling the stump.
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Grinding – This technique is quite complicated because it involves the use of machinery for stump removal. To operate the machine, you will need an expert assistance. One thing is common with almost all these techniques, and it involves cutting all the roots and clearing any debris that may be around the area. A chainsaw is still useful in the process to remove all the root attachments to make removal easy. Grinding machine is dangerous for a layperson that does not have any clue of using it, and it is appropriate that you call an expert to help you in the process. Hiring an expert is not that expensive, and after all, it is the best precaution you can take.
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Use of chemicals – This is a least expensive technique, but it calls for patience because it takes time. The chemical in use is potassium nitrate, and it is placed in holes that are made around the tree stump. After that, fill the holes with water and mix it with the chemicals. Leave the solution for a couple of months as it takes action on the stump. The stump will become spongy until you can remove it quickly.