ICD for Disease Management The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a unique system that is used in diagnosing for diseases by making use of certain special codes. Health care providers use it as a database for storing diagnosis results. The US government also uses this system in its health care provision system. The system has been in operation for a long time. It has however been undergoing upgrades occasionally. The tenth revision module is the latest revised module. The ICD is based mainly on the World Health Organization’s classification method for diseases in the world. This system makes use of unique codes which relate to specific diseases and their diagnosis. This coding system makes it easy to identify known diseases especially during diagnosis when the patient seeks medical advice. Information on diagnosis of diseases that was done in recent times is also stored in this system. Such storage databases aid in quick retrieval of the same whenever such information is needed expeditiously. National health statistics can also be stored safely and reliably in ICD systems. For instance, in the United States it is easy to review data on annual mortality rates which includes infant mortality. How does the ICD system work to achieve diagnosis and treatment? There are about three to seven digits in the recent version called the ICD-10-CM. The system uses alpha characters as the first ones but not letter u. The second and third characters are normally numbers. Characters four up to seven can be mixed alpha and numeric characters.
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In general, the first bunch of characters aids in disease diagnosis. It is at this level that the extent of damage occasioned by the disease is revealed. The second bunch of characters which is numeric gives great details on the cause of the disease. How the disease is cured is figured out by using the last bunch of characters. Application of all the characters therefore does the job of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
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The United States health care system applies the ICD system to make its operations synchronized. Health services in the state of California are posed to improve with the uptake of ICD. Such codes have nowadays been improved to be able to match doctors with certain expertise to specific diseases. It is easy to find the doctor having figured out what ails you. Doctors can be found anywhere within the United States after figuring out the disease in question. In the states of Chicago and Florida, hospitals and private doctors are able to be linked to their patients after using the ICD system.